Lil B – Pink Flame

All joking aside, Lil B has truly made himself into a based god, in every sense of the word based. He has become the most visible rapper who can be attributed as making flow of consciousness style popular in mainstream media, but not without controversy. He titled an album something an angsty, rebellious, sexually confused 5th grader might name his album (I’m Gay) and has gotten into some beefs with rappers way out of his league, physically (Game) and lyrically (Joey Bada$$). But he does put out more music than even Charles Hamilton on a good day and to kick off 2013, we have another 25+ track mixtape to add to his pile with Pink Flame. 00 - Lil_B_The_BasedGod_Pink_Flame-front-large

To be honest, no matter how much I bash this mixtape, Lil B is winning because I”m reviewing it and is now getting more shine than deserved. But what I won’t do is thank the man as many are disposed to do. To start off, he complains about having too many chicks that are at his disposal for sex to the point that it gets “tedious,” and he still won’t share them with anyone (“Can’t F*ck My Bitch”). Second, he names a song “Ban The Weapons” and promotes settling disputes with your fists since his “chopper” jams on him when he tries to take out the impostors,  so he can’t trust it. But you have to wait for the last 30 seconds of his “raps” for that attempt at a positive message. And third, Lil B is the ultimate contradiction. He presents himself as this “thug thug” who demeans women but still serves as a messenger for boosting his listeners’ self esteems and always putting “People Over Money.” Maybe if he was 17 and still had to struggle with his raging hormones, I could look past his puerile lyrics of loving what women can do with their bodies in “Flex 36,” “Eat*,” and about five other tracks devoid of any intellectual weight or entertainment value.

I don’t consider Lil B a rapper. Instead, I see him as a mediocre bard. The closest thing that resembles a Hip Hop song on this mixtape is “Hood Stories,” which is somewhat structured and details his hardships coming up as a kid on the streets. But otherwise, Pink Flame is Lil B talking what’s on his mind, often repeating what seems like a chorus, over mostly ambient beats that are mildly catchy. But hey, maybe that’s what people want-someone to just talk to, or rather, someone who will talk to them. And for that, I kinda appreciate you, Based God.

*There are a lot of things wrong with “Eat.” He says “based” so many times it loses all significance to me by the end of the first verse. To prove how much of a player he is he raps that “you went to sleep at 5/I went to sleep at 6.” Unless I’m missing some profound metaphor here, I’m going to continue to laugh at this show of bravado, or lack thereof. To show his respect for women, he raps, “my b*tch is my alarm because she wakes me up/hit her with the mac/I’ma tell you what’s up.” I”m mad for the women he’s supposedly with, for senseless lines like this. But, again, Lil B comes away with the W in the end because he admits that he’s ugly and doesn’t know why the women are always after him. You and me both, Lil B.

1.5 / 5 bars

13 – Hood Stories (DatPiff Exclusive)

Lil B – Hood Stories


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