Elephant – “Skyscraper”


London duo Elephant give the coziest version of what soul-vocaled dream pop should be on the enslaving “Skyscraper.” Nostalgia plays a part here, to be sure, but the presentation on “Skyscraper” is more succinctly pop-oriented and more distinctly modern than most other contemporary forays into the dream pop genre. Structurally speaking, “Skyscraper” tumbles out of a doo-wop vocal lull, into decidedly more awake and aggressive pop music. Amelia Rivas’ voice is appropriately unsubtle, and the vocalist makes sky scraping maneuvers seem like effortless fun.

The “Skyscraper” 7-inch is out March 25th on Memphis Industries; I personally cannot wait to see what becomes of this band going forward.

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