Steady Sun – “Actress”


It kind of sounds like “Speak to me / Breath” being performed by Pavement, but Steady Sun’s “Actress” is a powerful – and substantial – mound of millennial psych rock. In fact, “Actress” has so much going for it by way of blues-driven pop riffs and southern exploration that you’re barely hit with the fact that this song is nearly 6 minutes long. Dylan Nowick’s voice flutters between a smooth baritone and a trickly falsetto, while his guitar battles it out with chamber-pop violins and slick drums. This song is in no rush; a tremolo-sounding keyboard riff is joined by minimalistic guitar noodling for about a minute and a half before the vocals kick in. Steady Sun seem confident that you’ll be hooked enough by the song’s opening moments to stick with it to the end, and that confidence is well-earned on “Actress.”

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