The Smiths – “Paint A Vulgar Picture”


I just listened to Johnny Marr’s new album, which means I’m going to be listening to The Smiths for the rest of the day, and so I thought I’d share a track to accompany my review. “Paint A Vulgar Picture” isn’t quite as canonical a guitar masterpiece as “How Soon Is Now” or “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others,” but I think it showcases a budding transitional period for Marr’s guitar work. If you’re someone who thinks it’s weird that Marr joined The Pretenders after leaving The Smiths, “Paint A Vulgar Picture” should clear everything up. Plus, this song has a breathtaking solo; one of the very few guitar solos Marr ever played on a Smiths record.

The Smiths – “Paint A Vulgar Picture”

Paint A Vulgar Picture

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