Chris Burns – “I.Y.E”


Being a DC DJ may allow one a certain sort of freedom that isn’t allowed many other DJs. For instance, a few years ago in neighboring Baltimore, the only DJs that were getting any love were those that stuck to the Baltimore club format. Granted, many DC DJs are probably carved solely to fit into the narrow slot that the city’s dominant VIP clubs allow, but Chris Burns isn’t that type of DJ. He stands above any scene, looking here to bmore club and similarly raw early house, there to smooth R&B and lush 90’s house. His newest single, “I.Y.E.,” for Mike Simonetti’s new vinyl label, is a perfect example. At times it hews closely to the brash bliss made immortal by Robin S’s “Show Me Love.” But when Denise Henderson’s vocals reach real low, the track recalls the disarming frankness of Trax Records’ best (such as “Love Can’t Turn Around”). Take a listen to a preview of “I.Y.E” below, and download one of Burns’s earlier tracks, “Morning Sickness.”



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