Lupe Fiasco – “Light Blue”

Lupe Fiasco - Main Pub 4 - Andrew Zaeh

Right now, and especially amongst the Chicago set, lyrical minimalism is experiencing something of a vogue in hip hop. And yet Lupe Fiasco manages to jam pack his verses on “Light Blue” with so much lyrical content that his words seem to be brimming out of the top of the song; he just has to play by his own rules. Lupe Fiasco has been something of a social firebrand these last few years, and his star has faded slightly since his Wunderkind days of “Kick, Push” and those Kanye collabs, but “Light Blue” may be proof that the spark isn’t gone from his music quite yet. Lupe recently announced the title of his next album: Tetsuo & Youth, which at least superficially promises more of the anime references (Akira!) that caused me to fall in love with Lupe’s buoyant lyrical prowess in the first place.

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