Mount Kimbie – “Made To Stray”

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This is the first track to see the light of day from London electronic duo Mount Kimbie’s upcoming (and long awaited) sophmore album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. Featuring a brief sputter of sore and disenchanted vocals from Maker and Kai Campos, “Made To Stray” is based around a jitterbug beat that strays in and out of wide-berthed reverb tantrums. Shuddering string synths are introduced and left in the background, as “Made To Stray” finds itself drifting into almost Kid A-inspired electronica. There is something particularly English about Mount Kimbie’s new track – it exhibits a sultry darkness very indicative of its London club music influences. There is no telling how Cold Spring will stack up to Mount Kimbie’s glorious debut, but if “Made To Stray” is any indication, there’s some measure of darkness – and greatness – in Mount Kimbie’s foreground.

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