Run The Jewels – “Get It”


Run The Jewels is the “nom de plume” for the collaborative efforts of Killer MIKE and El-P, who worked together on Killer Mike’s 2012 bombshell R.A.P. Music. Hot off the heels of a critically acclaimed album of his own (2012’s Cancer 4 Cure) El-P maintains his glorious professional momentum with some “Oreo milkshake gritty” (as in: it’s pretty smooth, but there are little delicious chunks of Oreo rock in it) vocal delivery and stellar beat-craft on “Get It.” Killer Mike is as lyrically jubilant as always – he sounds like someone who just loves the feel of words bouncing around in his mouth, at times colliding into a very controlled stutter. The beat is grimy and fuzzy and could be weirdly indicative of El-P’s interest in the band Sleigh Bell.;

It seems more than likely that Run The Jewels’ debut full length – available for free this June – will live up to the standards set by two of hip-hop’s most engaging contemporary voices.

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