Dan Mills – Home Before the Rise of Tide

I always find it interesting when a band’s ‘sound’ seems to moves in opposition to the cultural scene they come from, but I guess music can take you wherever your mind goes. The fact is, there is no limit to what type of music you may hear coming out of Brooklyn. The city is home for musicians of any genre there is. Singer-songwriter Dan Mills and his band are Brooklyn natives whose album, Home Before the Rise of Tide, wears a sonic identity from elsewhere. The album is mostly acoustic with elements of blues, country, pop, and jazz within its’ content.Home+Before+the+Rise+of+the+Tide+Home+Before+the+Rise+of+the+Ti

The album kicks off with “Birds Eye View”, an easy-listening track about the love music and a special someone. The track stays true to the traditional style of country music with a romantic theme – as well as the tracks “Keep Me Till the Morning”, “Stuck on You” and “Bernadette”. Frontman Dan Mill’s vocals are resonant, lucid, and warm like toast. Ladies may enjoy his voice for the same reasons they listen to John Mayer.  Mill’s band mates chime in on multiple tracks with additional vocals for harmony, and they do it well.

Listening to this album definitely provides an idea of Mills’s personal journey and life stories. “Young and Free” contains some fun, feel good lyrics as Mills sings about the bliss of being young and carefree with the future ahead of him and his ‘thick chick’ by his side. The following track “In Your Eyes” maintains the theme of never getting old. “Mama in the Corner” is a flirty piece telling the story about meeting and obtaining a female interest – for the night, at least. “Find What You’ve Been Looking For” features the confident side of Mills, in what would possibly be considered as the country-pop form of a diss track. “Ain’t Done With Me” slows things down with a waltz rhythm guitar and accordion. The album wraps on a serious note with “Best I Could” – which is a favorite of the tracks. The realness of the lyrics takes things to a personal level, yet the lyrics remain relatable to all listeners.

Home Before the Rise of Tide is an album for the lovers of that old school blues or country sound. Listen if you want to hear a fresh take on the life of a young man – but do not expect to hear anything trailblazing.

3 / 5 bars


02 Young and Free

Dan Mills – “Young and Free”

04 Mama in the Corner
Dan Mills – “Mama in the Corner”

08 Bernadette

Dan Mills – “Bernadette”

09 Ain’t Done With Me
Dan Mills – “Ain’t Done With Me”


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