Eb7#9 – Foreboding Prophecies from the Exalted Truth

So we’re well into the week and there’s no better time to listen to some instrumental tracks than while hard at work – at least for me. I’m sure all of you beat heads would agree. Allow yourself to zone in and listen to some true innovative sounds in this brand new instrumental album from musician/producer Eb7#9 (E Flat Seven Sharp Nine). Sample-based music an art in its own right, and it’s always interesting to hear how producers take an old piece of music and turn it into something totally new – think Madlib or J Dilla. eb7#9

In this album, titled Foreboding Prophecies from the Exalted Truth, Eb7#9 successfully re-creates something special with old samples from classic jazz fusion records, in addition to his own samples and guitar melodies. The entire album is worth a listen, and some favorites include “Estrogenie”, “Warp Speed”, Albedo Man vs. the Monsignor of Darkness, “The Cycle of Life Suite”(which is broken into 3 movements), and Jumbled Transmissions. Jazz fusion is indeed a genre only a true music lover can appreciate, as rhythms are not easy to grasp and sounds are often dissonant. This album is for those who are truly into hip-hop beats and can handle the complexity of jazz fusion. Stream the entire album below, and you can download it for free here.

3 / 5 bars

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