Smith Westerns – “3am Spiritual”

smith westerns soft will

Smith Westerns have always been able to craft the most catchy and seemingly effortless melodies.  The band started as a couple of kids in high school singing in unabashed earnestness about what they knew—parties and girls and having fun.  That was one of the things initially so intriguing and engaging about them.  Now as they’re growing older they’re beginning to drop these associations.  “3am Spiritual”, the opening track of their upcoming album Soft Will out June 25th, shows this slight shift.  The melodies are as good as they always were while the production is even more polished than their last release.  The lyrics seem to have been written by someone engaging in serious self-reflection after a string of fun, careless nights.  After being constantly surrounded by people for a long time and you have your first moment alone, finally, your own self awareness catches up to you and this is what you sing: “it’s easier to think you can’t go on” followed immediately by “please keep close to me, I don’t want to let you off my arm…”

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