Fabolous ft. 2 Chainz – When I Feel Like It


Rap Game water boy Fabolous dropped the second single from his forthcoming record today; the track’s called “When I Feel Like It” and mostly involves Fab reminding everyone that he does whatever he wants when (… you guessed it) he feels like it. The beat is dragass trap, slowed down and pounding, the rapid-fire hi-hats and 1/8th note snares as unsurprising as they are unrelenting.

Strangely though – and maybe this is just me – there is something weirdly compelling about B-level ignorant rap tracks: Soulja’s “Extendos” or 85% of Chief Keef’s oeuvre, the straight-up, no-subtlety-no-bullshit-no-nuance-loud-as-fuck approach kinda works. You don’t remember the lyrics, but you can nod your head along and feel like you too get what you want when you feel like it. It’s kind of the musical equivalent of a Gallagher show: you know it’s stupid but that’s half the fun.

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