Pure Bathing Culture – “Pendulum”


The opening dinky drum samples don’t exactly set the stage for lush pop you’re about to hear with “Pendulum” yet they keep the song from being completely swept away by its own tawdriness—which it is in constant danger of.  It’s a smooth summer jam with moments reminiscent of Earth Wind & Fire, Kate Bush, and well… the weather channel.  Not to say that’s a bad thing.  It works in this song, especially with such a catchy yet affecting chorus.  As close as it comes to triteness, it always narrowly escapes, making it feel like a not-so-guilty pleasure.  Or at least you can tell yourself that when you’re screaming along in your car.  Just keep the windows up.  No one has to know.  Pure Bathing Culture’s album, Moon Tides will be out August 20.

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