Shigeto – “R Life”


What worse feeling is there than the feeling of losing hours upon hours of hard work? Failing to back up important files can result in utter heartbreak. Most who operate in this digital age are unlucky enough to know exactly what I’m talking about. That leads me to one of my current favorite producers from ‘the D’ – Zach Shigeto Saginaw. When you’ve got the talent Shigeto has, it’s a major loss when audio files go missing. This scenario took place last year when his laptop was stolen at a show in New York. Though he thought the music on that laptop was long gone, he was able to recover two tracks. The tracks don’t fit in with his current project he’s working on, so he decided to release them for free download. This is one of the tracks, called “R Life” and it features Brandon Mitchell and Carlos Garcia of Lo5. Have a listen.

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