Daedalus – “Ain’t No Juke”


daedelusAlfred Darlington, better known as the producer and step-sequencing Monome genius Daedalus, is a sort of pothead-steampunk hybrid. Sort of a dandy, well-dressed male version of Kate Bush, if that means anything to you. Anyway, Darlington is known for mashing together anything he can chop up on his magic button machine and also heavily incorporating improvisation in his live performances. Today he released two new collision-heavy minutes in the form of a track called “Ain’t No Juke,” in which 60s funk meets rap vocals, melancholy synth melodies and a whole lot of 808 woodblock. 160bpm it may be but juke it def’nitely ain’t – all the same, it’s a fine soundtrack for a good old-fashioned boogie.

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