R. Stevie Moore – “Sort of Way”


“Sort of Way” isn’t exactly a new song – it first saw the light of day on Moore’s 1973 release Invites Comparison – but the version to be released on Care in the Community’s Personal Appeal compilation is enough of an upgrade to warrant discussion. In fact, if “Sort of Way” were released in 2013 it would fit right in with the likes of Milk Music, Ty Segal and other high flying guitar acts – it might even blow them out of the water in terms of its contemporaneous instinct. The guitar parts on “Sort of Way’ zip around like jagged, metallic wasps, and Moore’s voice is like a weird blend between medieval wizard and southern balladeer. There are hints of Syd Barret, tu be sure; in a way, “Sort of Way” is quintessential acid rock. Of course there’s always a twist with Moore, and the song has an almost Dee Snyder meets School House Rock vibe to it as well.

Perhaps this will give someone the idea to give all of Invites Comparison the hi-fi treatment.

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