Beach Volleyball – “Power Cuts”

beach volleyball broadcast

The halfhearted vocal delivery on ‘noisy gloom-pop’ band Beach Volleyball’s “Power Cuts” makes everything in the song sound lazy. The shoegaze dips in the guitar sound like slip-ups from a lack of interest, the unchanging drum beat sounds a bit unmoved, while the disinterested drone constantly nags with a sense of apathy. It’s not emotionless however, the apathy attaches itself to your emotional core so tightly you become powerless to it.  The nonchalance of the vocals is suddenly gripping and the walls of distortion wash over you like waves of malaise. It’s the same contradiction of sounds that made Galaxie 500 so appealing though Beach Volleyball tends toward the darker side of dream pop (nightmare pop?). “Power Cuts” is from their upcoming debut album Broadcast out August 19th.

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