Jaw Jam – No Sleep EP

no sleep ep

They say it takes some deviation from the norm in order for music to progress and evolve. That idea comes into my mind after hearing music from the innovative DJ/producer Jaw Jam. Last week he released his No Sleep EP through Symbols Recordings. The 3-track EP is indeed for those who are ‘ready for the future’ and open for something different. The  New Jersey-based beat maker, a distinct style and a knack for sampling 90’s r&b jams, delivers his brand new material to further define his sound. The EP has gotten support from other musicians like label mate Kastle and Garage music legend Todd Edwards.

The first track “Long Night” is mellow and abstract  with chopped vocals. There are quite a bit of “start-and-stops” that might tease listeners into thinking the track has ended, when it comes right back in. The third track “No Sleep” also features the false endings, along with a more rhythmic beat and vocals from a singer by the name of Kiki Hitomi. Track 2, titled “Can’t Recall” might be the easiest track for most listeners, as it’s the least abstract – also the more traditional house/garage style (yet still very original).

No Sleep EP is, on a whole, a nice glance at where bass music is headed toward. It is indeed some “next level sh–,” so average listeners might have a difficult time catching on to what Jaw Jam is doing here – but perhaps after a few listens and when it all sinks in, the EP is rather engaging. You can listen and download the EP here, or preview it below.


4 / 5 bars

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