Cosmonauts – “Shaker”


“I am 23 and there’s nothing left of me” is the chorus-closing mic dropper at the proverbial heart of Cosmonauts’ “Shaker.” As a 24 year old, I can appreciate just how potent such a sentiment may seem to their (my?) generation. Things seem to suck; most millenials are stuck at home or in dead-end office jobs that have sapped them of the will to rock. Everything seems and feels tentative.

Though Cosmonauts may be a little empty handed and juvenile in their delivery, it is definitely refreshing to have my ennui vocalized so bluntly by somebody else. Otherwise, “Shaker” sounds like a pretty cool conflation of defunct Calgary band Women with the divine remnants of Ian Curtis. In the hands of someone like Chad VanGaalen, Cosmonauts could perhaps fill the transient noise-pop void that Women have left in my heart.

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