Arnold – “Plus and Minus”


Arnold’s split EP with C.Z. comes out on July 30, but you can already hear his anti-hop track “Plus and Minus” on Soundcloud. “Plus and Minus” revels in a combination of cartoonish piano parts and tempered breakbeats before fretting off into pitch shifted vocal samples and a warm, extra cheesy synth part. Rhythmically astute and tonally lush, this track sounds almost like it could be a hip-hop remix of a song from ELO’s Discovery LP. Something about “Plus and Minus” – and especially the melodic twist at the end of the vocal sample – has the quality of 70s soul music, with a careful douse of retro-futurism alongside. If you lived in a late 80s cyberpunk anime, “Plus and Minus” would probably soundtrack your daily commute.

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