Regal Degal – “Unseen”


This song, from an upcoming EP, Pyramid Bricks, out on Terrible July 30, pulls from every little thing that has had any little stroke of popularity recently.  There’s a shoegazey ambience about the whole track.  The aggressive bass wouldn’t sound out of place in the 80s post-punk world while the vocals are of the weirdo glam-pop revival sort that Ariel Pink has been championing for a few years.  The melodies start out simple enough but go places you wouldn’t expect with some great transitions, the band squeezes into four minutes all kinds of shifts in style and mood while retaining a cohesive container for it all.  The refrain near the end leads to a Deerhunter-type coda which finally wraps the song up, until you hit play again.  Which you will.

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