Lady Gaga – “Burqa” / “Aura”

There are two ways you can look at Lady Gaga’s leaked latest release, which depending on who you believe is either titled “Aura” or “Burqa:” one, as a shameful – shameful, I tell you, shameful!!! – and misguided attempt at faux-avant-garde shock-pop. (Carmen at Audiostraddle provides your daily dose of self-righteous outrage, if you’re into that sort of thing.) This is a legitimate point, I suppose, if one that only feeds into the publicity for her upcoming album, Artpop.

The other way to look at it is a markedly more musically interesting piece of music than anything on her derivative Madonna-ripoff album Born This Way. It’s not as good as the material on The Fame Monster – will anything she releases ever be? – but it’s one, maybe two notches above the usual stuff you get on top 40 stations.


Dance In The Dark (Monster Ball Instrumental) by ladygagalatina

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