Music on the go, how easy could it be?

How easy and accessible is music on the go? Obviously the answer is firstly VERY easy what with everyone from around 12 upwards owning a portable mp3 music device/iPod these days. However when listening to music on the go the quality of sound can often be compromised. Portable speakers can be fuzzy, awkward to transport and exhausting on batteries. In the modern world where people opt for their own privacy finding headphones that totally extract exterior noise and allow you to ‘get into the music’ without distraction can also be hard to find. With this in mind I have set out to abolish all these problems and find the best of the best on the recent market for no nonsense sound waves pure and straight to our ears!

Bluetooth Speakers

These nifty looking little speakers not only look great but have had some very assuring write ups. Coming out on top in GQ magazine’s list of the 6 best Bluetooth Speakers we reckon these must be some small but mighty speakers.

Vers 1Q

The slick looking speakers come in a range of wood finishes to choose from.  The Vers 1Q is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but has a wireless range of up to ten metres and a sound range of 6.5W, per speaker. Pairing two together gets you a whopping 13 W range and takes up no space at all. As well as this the speakers offer a 10 hour battery life which seems more than adequate. To put it into other words, the Vers 1Q will do the job nicely. You can pick up a Vers 1Q speaker for £99.95 at Covers and Cases.

The second choice for a portable speaker comes from Bose. The Bose Soundlink II comes in at a much higher price of £249.45. Despite being a hell of a lot larger than the Vers 1Q the Bose Soundlink II redeems itself with rich, deep sounding music that is rare to come by in the middle of a field or wherever you should take it. Promising a 10 hour battery life but not giving much indication of wattage, Bose have created something that may not be so easily transported but it well worth taking and linking up to your iPod or tablet purely for the sound quality alone.


Picture yourself on a bus wishing you owned a car because you really don’t want to hear about what the women in front is so loudly telling someone she did at the weekend. It doesn’t have to be that way, not if you find the right headphones from which you can listen only to what you choose, be it some singer telling you soulfully what she got up to one weekend.

Firstly we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw these Quarkie Headphones. Whether or not the brand name Quarkie is a play on quirky, these headphones are certainly that. Quarkie headphones may attract your attention if you’re a fan of unusual and unique designs. Quarkie headphones come in an array of designs that feature things such as snakes, snake eyes, cats eyes, nuts and bolts and more protruding from your ear socket.

The look of these things is not the only feature worth talking about. The sound quality on these things is comparable to that of British studio-monitor sound quality. With high sensitivity, low distortion and amazing bass performance music sounds amazing .Coming in a range of sizes from XS -L these earphones give the perfect ear canal seal for top performance and enjoyment of your music. Quarkie headphones are usually prices at £69 new but we’ve found them at Skate Asylum for just £29.95.

We understand some people can be intolerant of earphones and prefer headphones so we’ve considered them too. We recommend the Onkyo ES-HF300 headphones. Elsewhere they are getting ratings of 4/5 and even 5/5 and its with good reason. These Onkyo German designed headphones come in at £179.99 which may seem a little steep but is hardly compared with other headphones costing almost double but offering little more to quality than a brand name. The Onkyo ES-HF300’s use closed cups cuddling your ear, but most importantly drowning out exterior noise.

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