Factory Floor – Factory Floor

Factory Floor have been cranking out the hits for quite some time. From 2010’s laser-sharp Untitled EP to last year’s dizzying dance anthem “Two Different Ways,” they’ve remained the go-to band for your weekend dose of perfectly chilled, post-industrial beats. Still, the London outfit hadn’t yet released their debut. That is, of course, until their self-titled full-length finally struck shore via DFA Records. A tightly-packed, yet extremely spacious ten-track effort, Factory Floor drifts in-and-out of sleepy, moody minimalism and colossal rhythms without ever losing focus.  homepage_large.8b33820f

Factory Floor’s trio of electronic music titans– drummer Gabe Gurnsey, synth player Dominic Butler, and vocalist Nik Colk– have always been dark to the very core. Like their name suggests, the band’s music is best suited to bare, industrial spaces, dim lighting, and smoke-filled dance floors. When album opener “Turn It Up” begs, “Where is a good place to start?”,  it’s an invitation down the Factory Floor rabbit hole. Start, of course, by heeding the title’s advice; the vibe of these sounds may be minimal, but their magic is most potent at full-throttle volume.

Chaotic yet undeniably clean, Factory Floor’s debut marks an adventurous journey through techno, acid, industrial, house, and pop influence territory. There’s a new, stripped-down version of “Two Different Ways,” the undulating waves of “Here Again,” and the sleek, strong “Fall Back,” the record’s awe-inspiring centerpiece. With its droning vocals, quick snaps, and buzzing synth riff that’s just as infectious as any guitar riff, “Fall Back” is a dangerous blend of fierce and fiery with shockingly cold.

Factory Floor harnesses a power that most debuts don’t, or simply can’t. Even through its most musically sparse moments, there’s excitement bubbling below the surface; and for a band as raw, bare, and chilly as Factory Floor, that’s pretty cool.


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