Purling Hiss – “Gitar Damage, Pt. 1”

in concert

Between 2007-2011, Purling Hiss frontman and the group’s one-time singular creative force , Mike Polizze, recorded the cassette Paisley Montage. Now, the Philadelphia-based group is re-releasing the distorted tape into the digital realm. Bully for you, because the just dropped track “Gitar Damage, Pt. 1” is the kind of delicious, cacophanous, mess of guitar and juvenile percussion that seperates Pink Floyd fans from Barrett devotees. Also obvious here is some reverence for the likes of R. Stevie Moore and his neophyte-meets-savant guitar tones. Paisley Montage was recorded in basements and bathrooms around Philadelphia, and I get the impression that the tape will have a wide variety of distorted and otherwise fragmented sonic styles. What an exciting prospect, especially given the strength of “Gitar Damage, Pt. 1” (is there a part 2???? we’ll find out soon enough).

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