David Bowie – “Love is Lost” (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)

love is lost

David Bowie’s newest album, The Next Day, will see an expanded 3-disc release on November 5th which will include this James Murphy remix of “Love is Lost”.  The “Hello Steve Reich” alternative title is in reference to the composer’s Clapping Music which James Murphy explicitly draws upon as the basis for this remix.  Bowie’s nihilistic passion is made more severe atop the brutally spastic synths during the first half of the track.  At about the halfway mark the track explodes into an overwhelming electronic dance track a la LCD Soundsystem with a little bit of Eno mixed in.  James Murphy through references of Bowie’s earlier stuff (the piano sound in the 6th minute) and some of Bowie’s influences (Steve Reich) creates a remix that is thoughtful of the original piece, furthering the original more than creating a vapid and masturbatory attempt to rack up some soundcloud plays, though he’s obviously capable of that too.

Say the Chainsmokers of their own BANKS remix: “With our additions It still had this dark sinister sexy quality but now it kinda throws that proverbial leather jacket and boots on and heads out for the night to move on…”

Couldn’t be more hip or more classic: “Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst” by Black Milk.

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