Eminem – “The Monster” feat. Rhianna

The Monster Eminem Rhianna

The 2 million plays on soundcloud don’t lie—Eminem is still attracting a lot of attention especially for an artist that is has been constantly described as “returning” or “back” and not simply “here”.  A week away from the release of his Marshall Mathers LP2 Eminem and Rhianna team up for “The Monster”.  Rhianna’s hook is a bit trite even for Rhianna’s standards but the track ends up winning you over by the end no matter how much you hated the first five seconds.  The sincerity of Eminem’s flow and the way the development of the track eschews copy/paste conventions of other pop songs of this stature are respectable qualities even by those who would feign their aversion to its infectious hooks.  November 5th is the release date of Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP2.


Also dig this track, “Ghost” by Chelsea Lankes, a moody electronic pop track with a great development.

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