MS MR – “Dance Yrself Clean”

Ms Mr Dance Yrself Clean Secondhand Rapture

New York duo MS MR have released a bold cover of LCD Soundsystem.  It is brave territory to explore—covering a band with such a distinct and influential sound.  They didn’t pick an easy song either, choosing the opener to 2010’s This Is Happening, a 9-minute punk-dance scream-a-long.  MS MR do a great job of making the song their own however.  They inflect a different kind of other-worldly epicness as the original did but instead of an explosion of basement analog synths, they have horns that sound like they came out of a 70s action movie.

Also check out “Deeper” by upstart 19 year-old British singer, Ella Eyre, from her upcoming Deeper EP out in December.

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