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Something is rotten in the state of Connecticut. And of course, by rotten, I mean noisy. And awesome. Because if recent releases are any indication, there’s some pretty crazy shit going down in New England (and beyond). Take CT noise punks fins, for example; the trio’s scuzzy melodies and raw, messy riffs come together to achieve dizzying, yet totally precise, new heights. It’s hard not to dig the band’s just-released, self-titled EP, which  features sharp, homespun sounds that stick in your brain long after the record’s stopped spinning. Rotten, yes, but oh-so-sweet. artworks-000059624388-tj0p4x-crop

fins fly through six stunning tracks on FINS, careening across joyous bends and tumultuous twists with complete ease. From start-to-finish, the band maintain consistent intensity, swelling and peaking at just the right moments. These include the metallic sludge of closer “Cow Eyes,” as well as the syncopated stomps that zip through the totally electrifying “Sockets.” On the latter, especially, bassist Scott Bowers-DeFino truly delivers; he’s adept at sneaking slick, post-punk riffs into a mix of bold, boisterous clatter. It’s an appealing blend of dissimilar, yet harmonious sounds. Does it work better on a stereo or something like a pair of Lindy Headphones? Well, it is a bit too noisy for close listening on earphones or the like, so keep it outside of your eardrums!

FINS works mostly on these opposing ideas– driving, almost pretty rhythms skillfully swirled with shocks of turbulent noise– but there’s also magic to be found within the scratchy vocals of singer John Lydon (yup, like that John Lydon). Just try to avoid a headbang-over the morning after repeat listens of “Shattered,” a latter track highlighted by stern, steady power-drumming and Lydon’s infectiously throaty yawps. On FINS, there simply isn’t a bad song in the bunch, with “Cow Eyes” concluding with what feels like an epic ellipsis, hinting mysteriously towards what’s to come.

With FINS, fins join the ranks of rapidly rising bands like Big Ups and fellow statesmen Ovlov; it’s a clever collection that’s sure to garner even more attention that it has already. But really, FINS doesn’t just garner our attention, it essentially demands it.

4 / 5 bars

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