Oscar Key Sung – “All I Could Do”


Oscar Key Sung is working some things out, emotionally and whatnot. Good news is he wants you (yes you, Audiocred faithful) to work some things out with him. On a dance floor. Right now.

At leas that’s the impression I get from  the mesmerizing “All I Could Do.” On the latest from the Melbourne producer,  percussive bloops, tinted with melody, eight-step in and out as Key Sung’s voice reaches mountainous heights. Sensual synthetic moans scoop out the ground from Key Sung and leave him slashed and scraped by either a wild night out or a particularly dreadful four year relationship. Samples wreck the track into a delicate mess with brisk and digital inhalations, and a mix of programmed claps and synth string blasts stretch you until ear-to-ear you’re bridging the gap between an Australian beach and a grimy London club. Whether or not you’re looking for love or just looking to dance away all the hate, “All I Could Do” is sure to put the sweat in your step and a blister on your big toe.

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