Morgan Delt – “Obstacle Eyes”


“Obstacle Eyes”, such that everything becomes something else. No melody is an object so fundamental to the thing that it cannot be nudged into being the melody of some other thing. Guitars, for example, seem to collapse, then rally, and then dissolve, and then reappear as globs of boiling gold as well as piano.

Listened to “No Name #1” right before “Obstacle Eyes.” Sympathies immediately resonate: in Morgan Delt’s cathedral spire guitar playing, unobstructed sense of melody, and a voice that cling like wet looseleaf and is just as paper thin.

Other obvious points of reference are Ariel Pink and Youth Lagoon. But “Obstacle Eyes” does not have the trashed bedroom earnestness of Ariel Pink. It resonates with the girth of a different room. Something much more opulent.

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