Lyla Foy – “Feather Tongue”


Emoting in an understated way, New Sub Pop signee Lyla Foy, previously known as WALL, released her first single, “Feather Tongue” from her upcoming debut album, Mirrors The Sky, out March 18th.  The production is delicate, and not smeared with any kind of hyperbole, little synths beep that might bring to mind some sounds from your childhood but never is it a retro-fetishizing hipster abuse.  The carefully-crafted melodies of the chorus reach a grandioseness likened to Beach House while remaining delicate and avoiding petty derivations.  Her write-up on Sub Pop describes her sound as “timeless yet modern”, a sound which she carefully balances for the entirety of this song’s 3 and a half minutes, let’s hope the rest of the album can come close.

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