Throwing a Hen’s Night Dance Party

For any of you ladies out here planning or organising a wedding, you’re probably well aware by this point that things can get a little tense. To get things heated in a different way, your Hen’s Night is the perfect opportunity to let off some steam and let your hair down before the big day. So what better way than a dance party with good friends, funky laser projectors, good wine and some good laughs? Here are some tips and tricks for throwing the best Hen’s Night dance party in history!

Ingredients for the perfect hen’s night dance party

A Venue – preferably close to where one might find male strippers, but definitely one with a big open floor space to dance the night away. Bars and nightclubs are great if you’re able to find one to hire. If not, or you’re on a strict budget, push your couches against the walls of your living room and bring the party home! Check out some cool decorating ideas for hen’s parties on Pinterest.

Party Props – when you think dance party, a couple of key elements come to mind: disco balls, laser projectors, smoke machines. These are perfect for your Hen’s dance party – especially if you’re looking at transforming your house or a hired space into a club-like environment for your dance party. Laser projectors and disco equipment can be hired, and you can even find some cool laser projectors for sale at Spencer’s Gifts store. or you can head along to the Spencer’s website and check out their laser projectors and lights: ideal for this kind of event. A dance party is made by its music, so make sure you have a great stereo system and a kickass playlist too!

Plenty of Laughs – No Hen’s party would ever be complete without a plethora of penis props right? (Just like no dance party would be complete without drinks and laser projectors and lights.) Fill your hen’s night with lots of naughty props and games. Check out some of these cool ideas for hen’s party games.

Dance Party Attire – the fun at a dance party is the dressing up and the getting down under the laser projectors! Instruct all the guests to arrive in their best dance floor outfits – sparkles and glamour and booty-shaking outfits are a must. Obviously the bride is going to have to look super special, so doll her up with her own sequined veil, bridal sash, sequined garter and maybe even a few glowsticks.

If you’re going to hit the town, you can also have cool bridal party t-shirts or dresses made up, so you can all be recognised as a group. Here are some silly hen’s party t-shirt ideas to get you inspired.

It’s about time you ladies took some time off from your crazy wedding planning schedules and had some fun – what better way than a dance party with lights, laser projectors, cocktails, nibbles, games and laughs courtesy of your favourite group of friends!

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