Conrad Fritzsch of Tape.TV, what drives you? (Sponsored Video)

Audi presents Germany’s most innovative minds in a series of video portraits where Audi asks them, “What drives you?”

The interviews with these inspiring personalities on their women, aspirations, and grand ideas take place on sits that have had a major influence on the creator’s private and professional lives. They also appeared on the website Audi.

In portrait #2, Audi introduces Conrad Fritzsch, CEO and Founder of Tape TV. At the young age of 23, Conrad founded his own advertising agency. However, after 14 very successful years he felt the urge to redefine himself because he thought he was “bothering the people with things that nobody needed.” So he founded, together with his long-time colleague Stefanie Renner, when MTV started airing dating shows and changed their course, he decided to reinvent music television.

“There are positive aspects of television, namely: get comfortable and sit down, switch it on, done, it works. Combine that with the intelligence of the net. You find all the content you want, but what is missing is curation.”


This is where fills the gap: Your music finds you via curated playlists. These might be an employee’s or editor’s pick, or playlists of bands and artists. But they also might be recommendations by music fans and everyday listeners like those of Audi-City Berlin. Coincidentally, the famous German director Detelf Buck presented his own personal video playlist at the new office while we were shooting Conrad’s video portrait of #progressivepeople.

In the future, Conrad sees the importance and impact of a digital shift of moving-image-entertainment. „ Soon, people will not watch movies on screens but on wallpaper. Moving-images in (private or public) space will be the next big thing.

This article is sponsored by Audi.

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