Finding Encouragement to Pursue Your Dream

If you have found yourself face to face with a roadblock while in pursuit of a dream or a goal, you are certainly not the only person to experience this. Taking time to listen to the story of others who struggled as they chased a dream can give you insight and inspiration as to how to move forward toward your goal.


Read their story

You can get inspiration by reading about the struggles that someone such as Cristy Lane encountered and overcame as she pursued her dreams. You can learn more about her story by reading her #1 best selling book. In it you may find ideas that you can apply to your life.


Music has a way of speaking directly to your soul. Listening to songs with a theme of encouragement or a theme that focuses on overcoming adversities can spur you along to the next phase of your journey.


It’s helpful to have the support of family and friends as you strive to reach your aspirations and goals. However, there may be times when you don’t have the immediate support you need. That’s when you need your inner strength to help you forge forward.

Learning the stories of others who have struggled in pursuit of a dream and hearing of their success can serve as a source of support and encouragement for you. Knowing that others struggle to reach their goal can make you feel less alone on your journey.

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