How Can You Find Superb Jamie T Gig Tickets Online?

If you love Jamie T you may already have asked yourself this question. If this is the case, read on – you’ll find out how you can look for good tickets and not miss out on forthcoming gigs either.


If you enjoy listening to the music released by Jamie T the chances are you may want to see him live too. This is a common desire for many who love his music and enjoy the indie rock and hip hop sounds he comes up with.

Born in Wimbledon, South London and active in the music business since 2005, he has spent the intervening years building up his audience and his experience in the music business. It takes a while for any musician to find his or her particular sound, and Jamie T has done just that. He has achieved great success recently with a brand new album release in 2014 – the first in half a decade.

So – your search for superb gig tickets starts here. You’ll have a head start simply knowing you want to find Jamie T tickets. In this case you should start finding out all there is to know about Jamie T and his band, which is known as The Pacemakers. Sometimes he is promoted as Jamie T and the Pacemakers which is good to know as you might find tickets for this option instead. It might be good to search for either option in case you see opportunities to see him without his band.

It might come as a surprise to learn he has only released three albums since 2005. However since there were five years in between the second and third albums you can see why this was the case. The first album achieved gold status in the UK and reached the number four spot in the charts. This was called Panic Prevention. The follow-up came two years later with Kings & Queens. This also went gold and hit the number two spot, leapfrogging over the previous album in terms of its success in the UK.

We then had to wait five years until late 2014 to hear the third album, called Carry on the Grudge. However even though it had taken time to get this album it still did extremely well and was rated as an excellent comeback. He’s released a number of Eps and live albums over the years as well, along with a variety of singles. Ironically his albums always do far better than the singles he has released. His best performance has been Calm Down Dearest which was released in 2007 and went to the ninth position in the UK chart.

So the next time you want to find tickets to see Jamie T or anyone else, you should consider where you are going to go to get them. Make the right choice and you could be delighted with the results, especially if you have a passion to see Jamie T performing live.

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