Britpop Legends Oasis to Finally Reform?

I shouldn’t have to write any long introductions when it comes to Oasis. This Britpop band came out with smash hit after smash hit from the years of 1991 to 2009. Their split made headlines when Liam and Noel fell out – something they did quite a bit. They just couldn’t work alongside one another in peace anymore and had to call it quits. Fans were devastated and ever since have discussed a comeback.


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Noel made it clear that he’d only ever reform for the money, and it seems this is one thing the brothers can agree on. While Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are still going strong, having just released his second album, brother Liam’s band Beady Eye aren’t doing so well. While Noel’s out making a killing on his tour, Liam is losing money left right and centre, especially when it comes to his clothing brand ‘Pretty Green’. While Noel’s only ever spotted with his lovely wife or legitimate children, Liam’s affairs and love children are plastered over the papers. Noel made it no secret he believes Liam has made a bit of a mess of his life.

That being said, Liam recently took to twitter to picture himself with a backstage pass to his brother’s tour. The caption read ‘keeping it in the family. LG’. He caused a storm last year when a number of his tweets spelled out ‘oasis’ – which was the first hint at a real comeback in years.

Blur’s most recent album has been received well by critics too – what better time for the brother’s to reform and show them who’s boss once again?

It would make sense for Liam to try to revive his career in this way, but many people have commented saying Noel’s solo stuff is strong enough so there’s no incentive for him. Johnny Marr himself said so (It doesn’t seem like his feud with Morrissey will be ending anytime soon, either).

News sites have gone crazy over the last few weeks, Noel has even been asked if the two bands would form to make ‘BirdsEye’. He admitted that he just ‘couldn’t be arsed’ with an Oasis reunion. Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen – he’s been quoted before saying ‘it’s always a possibility’. Liam should probably think of a plan B just in case – he could read this Jamplay online review and improve his guitar skills for a start.

Fans are divided. Some say they would sell their parents for a ticket to see them. Others say they couldn’t be less excited as it just wouldn’t be the same. Just take a look on Twitter and you’ll see the massive difference in opinion!

Perhaps everybody should stop chasing yesterday (pardon the pun) and just let the pair get on with being brothers and nothing more? I’m more in the ‘reform’ category I’m afraid. The fact that it might not be as exciting is a chance I’m willing to take – and yes, I would sell my mum for a ticket.

What do you think?

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