Awesome Benefits Of Listening To Music

We’ve all heard that music can be good for the soul and we know the feeling we get when a killer beat starts to play. But could music also be good for your health, your mind. You might be surprised by just how much evidence there is that music isn’t just a fun thing for your spare time. It’s got incredible hidden benefits and once you discover them you’ll be glad music is present in your hobbies and spare time. You won’t have to worry about damaging your ears at gigs because you’ll know you’re doing yourself a whole world of good. Let’s look at some of the best benefits of music.

Before You’re Born

You may have heard this idea before. Allowing a baby to listen to Mozart when they’re still in the womb encourages a child’s cognitive development. Essentially, many people believe it increases a child’s IQ. Is this the case or is it more evidence of bad science? While the specific piece of music is debatable, there are studies to show babies benefit from music at an early age. It would be simplifying things to say they seem to enjoy listening to it but that’s the best way to describe the impact. As well as this, the idea behind listening to Mozart is based on a real study that examined the IQ of different children. And you guessed it, the kids that listened to Mozart in the womb were more intelligent. If you know your parents tried this you might want to thank them.


Mind Improvement And Learning

There are two ways that music helps your mind after you are born. The first is related to brainwave music. Brainwave music are specific pieces of designed music that have a positive effect on the brain, stimulating it. The idea behind this is that it increase consciousness and allows you to access the full potential of your mind. Again, it’s understandable if you want to question the validity of this claim. So why not try it out yourself by listening to a sample piece online? You might be amazed by the results. Just make sure you listen to it with stereo headphones in.

Secondly, music can help both children and adults learn. Some people can learn information when it’s present in a rhythm. Therefore studying while listening to music could actually help you pass that difficult exam you’ve got coming up.


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Crowd Behaviour

Have you attended a music gig lately, checking out a band like Kings Of Leon? You might notice that when you attend a gig you lose a part of your solo identity. Instead, you become connected to a crowd, moving in rhythm. You’re in the control of someone on the stage, chanting what they say without even thinking about it. Crowd behaviour has been studied by psychologists for decades. One thing is clear. Crowd behaviour and group acceptance like this has a positive effect on social development. Music festivals are one of the places where this occurs.

We hope you see now that there are more benefits to listening to music than just finding a great beat. Check back soon for more interesting facts on the art we adore.



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