Vagabond Specter – “Half A Billion” & “She’s a Bird”

Half A billion. “Musically, we wanted to add these nostalgic reflections from the late 70s electronic disco to our “space” song. Yura’s had a lot of fun putting sounds from Moog, Korg, Nord and half a billion instruments into the mix. The lyrics had been inspired by the news about Rosetta spacecraft, and also contain a message to all the geeks out there (much like us) who think that their true love is like half a billion miles away, when instead it better risks and go for it rather then dream about it.”

She’s a Bird. “When I was in college, I dated this gorgeous girl and was kinda in love with her… but one day she would say that she’s had discovered her real personality, and that was being a lesbian. Of course, I was wrecked by this news, instantly brokenhearted. But then, much later, we managed to become good friends. This song is inspired by this story and it’s about not being afraid of exploring and searching for your real self.”

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